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The Home and School Association is a group of parents; teachers; your Principal, Mr. Keeley; and your Pastor, Father Francis. The Home and School Association exists to advance the whole function of our school – our children’s intellectual, social, and spiritual development. The Board members are the ambassadors set in place for you, our teachers, and our children. They are entrusted with the task of safeguarding not only WHAT our children will become – but also, WHO they will become. 

All parents or guardians of a St. Thomas student are able to join any of the Home and School Association meetings.


The purpose of the Home & School Association, as stated in the by-laws is as follows:

  • To work toward the advancement of Catholic education and the welfare of all school children of the parish.
  • To offer the services and talents of the parishioners to the Pastor and the Principal, to aid and assist the educational process.
  • To enhance the parents’ and teachers’ roles in the education of the children by increasing their knowledge of education and it processes, by increasing their mutual understanding of children, and also by providing an opportunity for parents and teachers to work together for the good of the child.

The Board

The Board meets several times during the year to discuss pertinent issues, communicate updates of various sub-committees, and gain feedback on upcoming events and issues. If you have an issue that you would like the board to address or become aware of, you should contact a delegate. The delegates’ responsibility is to present issues brought to him or her at the next board meeting. If you have an issue that can’t wait until the next meeting, feel free to contact any member of the board directly, or, as always, you can contact Mr. Keeley, the principal.

President Joe Gruszka
Vice President Tyler Theriault
Secretary Jen Hartman
7th & 8th Grade Delegate Adriana Fazio
5th & 6th Grade Delegate Theresa Gallagher
3rd & 4th Grade Delegate Laura Kuchler
1st & 2nd Grade Delegate Danielle Prior
PreK & K Delegate Bridget Theriault



Please consider volunteering your time and talents to one of these committees. Feel free to contact any of the individuals listed to find out how to get involved. Otherwise, consider volunteering to lead one of the open committees, if you are interested please contact Andrea Hane -