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Health and Safety Plan

Letter to Parents - School Opening





St. Thomas the Apostle School takes the safety of our children, staff and faculty very seriously and is one of our primary concerns. The following features and procedures at our school campus ensure the safety of all:

  • Safe2SaySomething
  • LobbyGuard
  • All doors are locked at all times, access to school building is controlled through office
  • All volunteers/substitutes must have state and Archdiocese of Philadelphia clearances
  • Visitors are required to sign in/out, wear visitor decals
  • Parents are required to sign students in/out if arriving late or leaving before dismissal
  • “bank teller” window allows for security/ID checks
  • Pre-K play area is completely fenced off from outside
  • Recording cameras throughout school building
  • DelPass Alarm-Police Response Alert (911) for emergency needs
  • Various drills (Lock Down, Shelter in Place, Intruder Alert) practiced numerous times throughout school year, Crisis Committee addresses safety of school
  • School nurse on staff five days a week
  • Students pair up, open doors, assist younger students during drills
  • Use of Walkie-Talkies in recess, lunch yard and at bus, car line dismissal
  • Safety-Latch locks, doors can remain locked from outside.
  • Safety fence constructed in front playground & fields for protection from parking lot during/after school
  • Metal barriers placed at front/rear of school parking lot from 8:20 am until dismissal
  • Heavy duty metal clamps for holding swings in front playground, safety mats placed under swings
  • Locks installed for both small and large gyms in case of emergency
  • Hand turned bolt locks installed inside bathrooms to prevent intruders from entering (keys can unlock if needed) and provide a safe area for all.
  • Large RED numbers attached to exit doors for identification in case of emergency
  • Room darkening curtains on classroom windows for security and to reduce sun as needed
  • Safety cushions placed on corners of hallway walls in Early Childhood wing to prevent injury
  • Reunification Plan in place if evacuation of school to alternative site needed