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Use of Chromebooks

6th Grade

Sixth grade is a new and exciting adventure for St. Thomas students.  It is the first year of middle school and the year of Confirmation.  Much of the focus in sixth grade is on service to others and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

7th Grade

The 7th graders at St. Thomas the Apostle School have many roles that promote responsibility. As future leaders of the school, they are expected to promote our Mission Statement – which is to serve others to make a positive impact in their lives.  In addition to academics, the 7th grade participates in liturgies, student government and also sports activities. They strive to be the best they can as all around good, Christian children.  In Religion, they have been learning about Parables and the Kingdom of God. They have been growing spiritually to become better models of God’s children.  In Social Studies, they are learning about the Thirteen Colonies, where they will travel down the road to the Revolutionary War. They are searching for terms through a word search assignment.  Through the LabLearner Science Curriculum, the 7th graders have been learning about Biology, which is the main focus of this year.  Mathematically, they have been working on rational numbers – the creepy, the crazy, the positive, the negative and the fractional, which they will use to apply their skills in solving equations. They began the year with ratios and proportional relationships.

8th Grade

The final year of the Saint Thomas experience brings growth in all areas of development. Academically, the students travel through a time machine as the history of the United States unfolds. Through the Lab Learner Science curriculum, they explore the Earth's ecosystem, and are introduced to new concepts in physics and chemistry. Mathematically, the students delve into all sorts of new equations as their minds are challenged through pre-algebra and algebra. The main goal in ELA is to fine tune all of the skills taught in this area from the beginning of their education. Exposure to various forms of literature is also an essential element in this area. Spiritually, the students become familiar with the human side of our faith in Church history and through Heritage Day, the history of our parish church. Later on in the year, morality is the focus. However, in the last year, the students branch off from the academic in religion in the interaction with prayer partners and their re-enactments of the Living Rosary and Stations. The eighth grade retreat and the May Procession bring to a climax their religious experience as a student here at STA. The social aspect of student life is not forgotten. There is participation in community service, the yearbook, the Christmas show, and the talent show. Let's not forget the class trip to New York and the tributes to the parents through the Mothers' luncheon and Donuts for Dads. Saint Thomas the Apostle School educates the whole individual from head to toe!