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Chromebook Policies
St. Thomas the Apostle
Below is our policy that has been formed, in addition to the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, for use of the chromebook during school hours.

If not charged or forgotten at home:
1. The child will need to hand write the assignments, then for homework, they will need to transfer the handwritten work to their chromebook. The chromebooks will be checked in the morning and students need to ensure their device is fully charged.
2. If a child forgets their chromebook or it is not charged, they will receive a deduction in participation/preparation grade. (1 pt. per day)
3. If a child forgets their chromebook or it is not charged 3 times, they receive a demerit.

Rules/Regulations for the use of chromebooks during school hours:

  1. The students may ONLY use their accounts to log onto the chromebook; students may NOT use any other account during school hours.
  2. Students ARE NOT to touch and play with another student’s chromebook
  3. Tabs and other websites, not designated or used by the teacher, should not be opened in background or minimized during school lesson.
  4. Lunchtime/Recess use of the chromebooks is up to the discretion of the student's’ homeroom teacher.
  5. Games are to be played at RECESS TIME ONLY, NOT during class time.
  6. Pandora is the only music site to which the students may listen.  YouTube is only to be used as an academic resource.
  7. Chromebooks MUST be in a school bag or individual case at dismissal time, so they will not be damaged.
  8. Students MUST charge their chromebook EVERY night.


  1. If a student is found to be visiting a website or viewing material which conflicts with the Acceptable Use Policy, they will lose the privilege of using their device and a detention will be issued. Repeat offense may result in added detentions, suspension or even expulsion.
  2. During school hours, if a student is found to be using a personal account, they will receive a demerit.
  3. Parents/students will be held responsible if it is found that your child was the cause for damage to another students chrome book


  1. The teachers’ expectations are to keep the students away from inappropriate sites, and to use the chromebook for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY!
  2. The chromebook is an educational device and not to be used outside of the accepted guidelines.

Thank you for your assistance and support.