Scholastic Assistance Center

The Scholastic Assistance Center or SAC Center assists students in reinforcing, supporting and challenging skills covering all academic areas of learning. There is no fee to the family for the service and students are assigned by teachers with parental consent. Students are guided and assisted in individual or small group instruction for short periods of time. The Center provides direct and supplemental instruction to students.

A variety of materials and resources are utilized to help support specific academic needs. We offer technology, flashcards, educational and age appropriate games to practice skills. The students have access to Wi-Fi and an Apple TV for viewing of material/lessons as well as six computers to utilize as needed. Various educational websites, the internet and YouTube videos are incorporated into assisting the lessons. Students may utilize Ipads and Chromebooks as needed.

The SAC aids students from Kindergarten through eighth grade. The Center is staffed by Miss Cherie McGinley, a former STA teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience. Students serviced by the DCIU do not receive any service from the Scholastic Assistance Center.

The SAC offers assistance in the following areas: time management, organizational skills, use of manipulatives, completion of missed tests/assignments (absence), use of Ipads and computers, reinforcing activities, challenging activities, practice of basic skills, and tips for studying, test taking skills.

To contact SAC and Ms. McGinley:


Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU)

The Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU) provides services and support to St. Thomas the Apostle School for math, reading, counseling, speech language and psycho/educational testing. You may contact DCIU at:

DCIU Education Service Center

200 Yale Avenue, Morton, PA 19070
Phone: 610-938-9000 | Fax: 610-938-9887 | Email:
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

DCIU Staff:

Dr. Charles Gallagher (School Psychologist):

Carolyn Reilly (School Counselor):

Lisa Glavin (math/reading instructor):

Sara Kinsler (Speech Language):