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Theatre Arts Program (TAP)

TAP proudly announces our 2017-18 Winter Production of...



Friday, March 2 at 7:00pm

Saturday, March 3 at 7:00pm

Sunday, March 4 at 1:30pm



Program Overview

​St. Thomas the Apostle Theatre Arts Program (TAP) endeavors to allow all Children in Grades 3 through 8 an opportunity to participate in a theatrical production in the late winter. Children participate in ALL aspects of the production from stage characters, to set design, to technical support and stage crew.

Please review the sections below for more information about the each phase of the program from Auditions to Ticket Purchasing.

Parent involvement is critical to the success of any performance. We ask that a parent of the cast/stage member volunteers in some capacity. Any time you can give is very much appreciated and needed.

TAP email address: We will be using e-mail and the school website to post forms, updates, any schedule changes, etc. Please feel free to call us with your questions or concerns. Thank you for your support.

TAP Coordinators:
Jen Medici (610) 804-2068 and Tara Boyce (484) 432-4206 


Before you can audition you must sign-up for the show!

  1. Read over the AUDITION PACKET.  This packet contains specific information on the program, expectations of students, fee information, audition details, and time commitment requirements.  Once you have read this packet, please
  2. Register by paying fee online using PayPal.
  3. Then, complete the Cast Audition Application (this is the last page in the packet)
  4. Bring the completed form to the audition


Registration & TShirt Fee
First Student T-Shirt Size
Second Student T-Shirt Size
Third Student T-Shirt Size
Student(s) Last Name
Student(s) First Name



Auditions are held early in the fall for the cast of the winter production.  All children are asked to audition, either alone or in a group.  All lead roles must audition with a singing solo from the show.  We stress a familial, welcoming and encouraging environment among our cast members.  We work with the children on how to read music and work on pitch/tone, how to develop their dramatic license, stage direction, and they also learn various dance forms involved in musical theatre.  Every child is a gift and is given the opportunity to let their light shine on stage.  All children who audition are cast in the show.

ALL children will be cast in the show. We will be casting the following: Lead roles, Chorus, and Featured Dancers.

Please read over the Musical Bio and Character/Lead Role Descriptions before the first audition date:


Monday, September 18th from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in the STA Theatre.

ALL CAST AUDITION DATE (Grades 3 through 8)

This is a VOCAL audition where all students will sing an excerpt from the musical with provided accompaniment.  Students will be singing in front of one another, and they may also be asked to sing in small groups.

The audition song is “Arabian Nights” (sing whole song as solo).


Friday, September 22nd from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the STA Theatre.

DANCER and LEAD ROLE AUDITIONS (Grades 5 through 8)

We will have a dance troupe in this production.  Students in 5th-8th grade may audition to be in the dance troupe or for a leading role.  Both groups will need to dance. We will teach a short dance routine and students will perform it in small groups during the audition.  We are looking for movement with confidence in the right direction while acting for our leads, and more technical expertise for our dance troupe.


Monday, September 25th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the STA Theatre.

CALLBACKS (via email invitations)

Students that are asked to return will read lines from atleast one scene.  We will also ask students to sing additional excerpts* from the production.

**Possible additional song selections during callbacks:

Genie: Friend Like Me                         
Jasmine: One Jump Ahead (Reprise)    
Aladdin/Jasmine: A Whole New World
Jafar/Iago: Why Me?
Narrators: Arabian Nights


Tips and Hints:

  1. Relax and have fun! The directors want you to do well.
  2. Everyone is nervous! Even seasoned performers get nervous. Don’t let your nerves prevent you from trying something new and doing your best!
  3. Don’t be afraid to move around the stage and act out the scene.
  4. Watch other performers while you are waiting for ideas.
  5. You only have a few minutes to dazzle the directors, so try to speak loudly and clearly.
  6. Get ready for a great audition! Have fun and break a leg!!

Everyone who auditions is in the show!



The Cast is set!

Narrator 1 - Claire Campbell
Narrator 2 - Kayla Hughes
Narrator 3 - Shannon Wood
Narrator 4 - Myla Hopewell
Narrator 5 - Sara McLaughlin

Aladdin - Rob Smith
Jasmine - Pauline Hartman
Genie - Emalee Reed
Jafar - Andrew Mayo
Iago - Abby Ryan
Sultan - Rocky Marusco
Razoul - Holly Hayes

Guard 1 - Tia Dell’Orefice
Guard 2 - Hannah Ellett
Guard 3 - Lisa Cellucci
Prince Baba of Ganoush - Sam Ryan
Prince Dahdu Rahn Rahn - Mikey Medici
Prince aka The Artist - Jonathan Viola
Baker & Shopkeeper 1 - Aidan Boyce
Townsperson & Shopkeeper 2 - Talia Scarpa
Matron & Shopkeeper 3 - Madison Vass

Dancers/Harem Girls - Maddie Bell, MaryKate Prestera, Grace Schmitt, Noreen Melia, Lyla Bell
Chorus Captain - Ava Kenney
Senior Chorus ​- Liam Maloney, Ella Merryfield, Sydney Orndorf, Rita Hartman, Maddie Schmitt, Gianna Bruno, Lilianna Dell’Orefice, Molly Mayo
Junior Chorus - Lily McNamara, Claudia Gallagher, Erin McLaughlin, Colleen Murphy, Jonny Zanghi, Isabella Fazio, Ruby Ryan, Owen Kates, Natalie Lynam, London Vass, Madalena Dell’Orefice

Understudy for Jasmine: Claire Campbell
Understudy for Aladdin: Aidan Boyce


Rehearsal Schedule


Playlist  Be sure to practice with your little ones!

Playbill &Tickets

You will have an opportunity before the performance date to place an ad in our program Playbill for an actor, artist or stage crew member. Tickets can be purchased online when as we approach the performance dates.

Tickets can only be purchased one evening at a time.  For example, if you would like to attend 2 performances you will need to make 2 separate purchases.