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Become a Volunteer

A volunteer includes homeroom parents, lunch monitors, special lunch volunteers, library aids, and field trip chaperones.

In order to volunteer at St. Thomas you must:

  1. Have all your clearances complete.  (If you have not done this step, read below for how to do this.)
  2. Go to Time to Sign-up to select the activity for which you want to volunteer


Homeroom parents have a simple mission— Homeroom parents are the primary source of volunteers for classroom and school wide activities. Generally, we are called upon to:

  1. Provide refreshments for classroom holiday parties, open house and home and school events
  2. Attend classroom holiday parties or special events
  3. Volunteer to help at events like the Harvest Fest or Gala, 8th grade Mothers’ Lunch, etc
  4. Provide classroom coverage for teachers to attend the teachers’ brunch

There are two types of homeroom parents— Primary contact and classroom volunteers

Primary contacts act as the main point of contact for the teacher and as a liaison to all volunteer parents.  Two primary contacts are selected for each classroom. The responsibilities of a primary contact parent are to:

  1. Plan, organize and coordinate class events with the teachers.  Teachers and primary homeroom contacts work together to plan a class event or party. Primary contacts compose a list of items and parents needed to complete the activity. Primary contacts then contact (via e-mail) all parents to seewho wish to help and assign items and volunteers to complete the list. Usually TIME TO SIGN UP is used. It is the goal of all primary contact parents to ensure every volunteer parent gets an opportunity to assist in the class- room during the year.
  2. Compose and maintain an e-mail distribution list of all parents of students in their designated class. This provides the primary contacts and the teachers with a quick way to communicate with all class- room families.
  3. Use the e-mail distribution list to forward volunteer requests for school wide events from home and school board, homeroom parents committee, activities committee, etc to all volunteer families.
  4. Use money provided from the homeroom parent committee to cover classroom activities.
  5. Work cooperatively with their primary contact partner for all events.

If you wish to be considered for selection as a primary homeroom  contact parent for any or all of your children’s class-­ rooms, please log onto  Click on the Primary Contact Homeroom Parent sign up sheet and follow the directions at the top of the sheet to sign up.  The teachers will be given the list of primary contact parent volunteers and two will be selected from the list. You will be notified by end of  September if you are selected as primary contact parent for a classroom. The primary contact sign up sheet will be available after August 4. 

Parents— As a parent, you will receive e-mails from the primary contact parents for each class where you have a child detailing volunteer opportunities for either classroom or school wide activities.  You then have the option of participating by responding to the email or logging onto a website as directed and signing up to fulfill a request (i.e. send in cupcakes for Halloween party). You chose the level of volunteering you wish to provide. All parents will be contacted in September to provide an email address(es) where you want to be notified of volunteer opportunities. In order to volunteer in school ,  you must have all your clearances up to date with the Rectory.

Whatever level of volunteering you choose is best for you, thank you for your service.  The teachers, students and administration are grateful for all your time and efforts.  If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Hane or Kim Dougherty at


Please complete this process on your own and provide the paperwork to the Rectory.  It's a good idea to keep a copy of ALL things you submit to Rectory for your records.

Each of the following must be submitted:

  1. PA Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Clearance Check  
    Go to their website and complete the Electronic Submission section to obtain your clearance.  Print, make copies and forward one copy to the Rectory
    Renewal is required every 3 years.
  2. PA State Police Criminal Record Check
    Go to their website and click on the New Record Check (Volunteers Only) link.  Print, make copies and forward one copy to the Rectory
    Renewal is required every 3 years.
  3. Disclosure Statement
    Option 1: Only applies if you have lived in PA for less than 10 years, or if are a current Delaware or New Jersey Resident, or if you are an employee of school ( ***new for this year***)
    Go to the Cogent website and click on the Department of Education and register online.  You will register, pay online and then have 90 days to go to a finger print site (ex: Glen Mills School/local UPS store) Print, make copies and forward one copy to the Rectory
    Renewal is required every 3 years as long as you still qualify for Option 1.
    Option 2: Only applies if you do not qualify for Option 1.
    Print, sign, make copies of this form and file with rectory 
  4. Attend Training: A Safe Environment: Protecting God’s Children & Information and Technology
    Attendance is expected within 90 days of beginning to work with children.
    The schedule of classes can be found at Click on Registration (in yellow on left).  Click ‘view a list of sessions’, and choose Philadelphia Archdiocese. After attending the seminar, take a copy of your certificate provided at the end to the rectory for filing and keep one copy for yourself.
  5. Mandated Reporter Training
    This course is being offered online by the Archdiocese.  Go to their website and register. Complete the course, print the certificate, make copies and forward one copy to rectory.
    **If your Mandated Reporter Training was completed before February 2015, you will need to read the brochure “PROMISE to PROTECT” and print and sign the Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement Form. Make copies and forward one copy to Rectory.
  6. PA/Arrest/Conviction Report & Certification Form 
    Print this form.  Fill it out, sign, make copies and forward one to rectory.

Once all the steps are completed or you are in the process of completing the training portions, forward all paperwork to the rectory together. 
Thank you for your compliance in obtaining your clearances. If you have any questions contact Carol Cannon at 610-459-2224 or Alison Malloy
All paperwork should be printed or copied and handed or sent into Rectory to attention Carol Cannon. Please keep your own copies.