Race for Education ~ May 8, 2014

May is an exciting month!  One of the activites, that makes it fun, is the Race for Education.  It is the second one for St. Thomas.  May 8th is the big day.  The purpose of this fundraiser is to enhance the education of the children and their environment, the school building.  As we did last year, the goal is to air condition the rest of the school building.  All that is needed is for the parents to send in labels completed with names/addresses of family and friends.  The students will write notes to these potential sponsors. The rest is left to the providence of God.  The students then enjoy a day full of fun activities and ice cold water ice.

Set aside May 8th and join us!

It's show time!  Round up your friends or go it alone, it's time to be creative and start practicing.  Whether you are a talented singer, dancer, magician, wherever your talent lies, showcase it at the annual Talent Show Friday, May 16th at 7:00pm.  Auditions will be held on Monday April 14th in the old gym after school.  Your act must be no more than 2 minutes and you can participate in no more than 2 acts.  Come out and join the fun!

Saint of the Day

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

In less than 40 years, Gianna Beretta Molla became a pediatric physician, a wife, a mother and a saint!

She was born in Magenta (near Milano) as the 10th of Alberto and Maria’s 13 children. An active member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Gianna earned degrees in medicine and surgery from the University of Pavia and opened a clinic in Mesero. Gianna also enjoyed skiing and mountain climbing.

Shortly before her 1955 marriage to Pietro Molla, Gianna wrote to him: “Love is the most beautiful sentiment that the Lord has put into the soul of men and women.” She and Peter had three children, Pierlluigi, Maria Zita and Laura. 

Early in the pregnancy for her fourth child, doctors discovered that Gianna had both a child and a tumor in her uterus. She allowed the surgeons to remove the tumor but not to perform the complete hysterectomy that they recommended, which would have killed the child. Seven months later, Gianna Emanuela was born, The following week Gianna Beretta Molla died in Monza of complications from childbirth. She is buried in Mesero.

Gianna Emanuela went on to become a physician herself. Gianna Beretta Molla was beatified in 1994 and canonized 10 years later.